The Dennis Mills Collector Card Set

An attempt to spark people’s interest in governance

Substantive public policy is critical to successful governance, but communication of this work can be equally important: the value of policy and governance is limited if the public does not value or understand the work.  Herein is a challenge for all parliamentarians, one that must focus on retaining existing voters and engaging new ones.

The Dennis Mills Collector Card Set represents one of those attempts to spark people’s interest in governance, and hopefully engage people in the process.  Roughly 48,000 sets – each set containing six cards – were designed and produced for house-to-house distribution in the 1997 federal election campaign.

Much like hockey cards, each Dennis Mills card featured a different picture on the front, with key facts and achievements listed on the back. Of course, each card prominently featured the website,, another useful way of letting each of those 48,000 households in Toronto-Danforth know that they could learn more and engage in the process.